SIM&FLY Feedback

Hello Anja


Being able to focus just on crosswinds both in the Sim and in the C172 was a great experience last week.


Tom and Rüdiger were patient and very encouraging instructors making a stressful situation enjoyable.   I also enjoyed talking to Tom about the Lockheed Starfighter, one of my favourite fighter aircraft.


I hope to return in the summer next year to combine a sim session ( gusts this time ?? )  with a charter flight with my wife to Heligoland, which you may know,  was ceded to Germany by Britain in return for  Zanzibar, where I was born.


I am off on holiday but on my return will contact Ed Hicks, editor of Flyer magazine with an abstract of my experiences at Xwind.  et’s hope an article results.


Please forward the email to Rüdiger who might be interested in how we built the Sling 4 with the advanced Garmin panel – see attachment.



Best wishes